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Interactive full service multimedia kiosk

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All the features you need to provide the ultimate in differentiated self-service

In today’s fast paced world, everyone expects instant service — and with the MK4000 Micro Kioskfrom Zebra, you can deliver. The MK4000 enables the deployment of intuitive on-demand rich multimedia applications that provides your customers with instant and constant access to information — when and where they need it — eliminating wait times that can result in a lost sale as well as customer attrition. A cost-effective connection to back-end systems and websites, a large 12.1 inch high-resolution SVGA touchscreen, a high speed processor and robust memory architecture enable the delivery of a wide range of information and services that will take self-service to a new level. Regardless of what type of bar code symbologies are in use in your business, Zebra’s world-reknowned bar code scanning technology delivers the aggressive performance needed for fast and easy first-time capture of 1-D or 2-D bar codes. Three USB ports allow you to customize the MK4000 to best serve the needs of your customers — and your business. A full size keyboard can simplify data entry for complex applications — for example, allowing customers to easily enter a question, a shipping address or key words for a search. An optional printer can enable on-the-spot printing of a wide variety of documents. And with a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), customers can swipe loyalty cards, employees can scan identity badges and more.

Limitless possibilities in a multitude of industries

The sophisticated yet flexible MK4000 is designed to boost service levels in many different industries. In retail, customers can look up loyalty card points, check a gift card balance, locate merchandise in the store, check pricing and inventory, view related items, access product information, listen to a CD or watch a DVD clip, place an order and even watch ‘how-to’ videos. In transportation, airlines can enable passengers to print ticket receipts with a PDF bar code at home, which can be scanned at the MK4000 in the airport to check in — reducing long wait lines and staffing requirements at gates. In a hotel lobby, the MK4000 can provide a multitude of services, from check-in and check-out to requests for room service, turndown service or additional towels. Entertainment venues, theaters, theme parks and sports arenas can eliminate long lines at ticket offices by enabling patrons to purchase tickets online, print a receipt with a bar code and scan that bar code on the MK4000 to gain admittance. In healthcare, a physician’s office, hospital or laboratory can allow patients to check in for appointments and tests, while an emergency room can use the MK4000 for patient room management. Finally, when your customers are not utilizing the MK4000, it can help promote your business. You can run videos or display ads to promote sales, new products, upcoming events and even provide value-add information — for example, an airline could offer a selection of videos with informative travel information and tourist attractions for popular destinations.

Doubles as a workforce management portal to double your value

Not only does the MK4000 enable the ultimate in self-service for your customers, it also allows enterprises to better manage and empower the workforce. Employees can view training videos as well as presentations on new products or weekly specials, providing an easy and low-cost way to deliver up-to-the-minute training. They can also access the same customer-facing features and functionality, providing on-demand access to the intelligence required to assist customers who may not feel comfortable utilizing the kiosk — and help close more sales. With just the press of a few virtual buttons, even new employees can answer questions and serve customers as swiftly as your most seasoned workers, increasing customer service consistency regardless of length of employment. Last, task and schedule management is simplified. Supervisors can monitor real-time work schedules and schedule change requests as well as access employee contact information. Alternatively, employees can view and print work schedules, request schedule changes and punch in and out for shifts and breaks on any MK4000, eliminating wasted time spent walking back and forth to a single centralized time clock

A true end-to-end solution for deployment simplicity — and success

Zebra can provide virtually everything you need to deploy a wireless self-service kiosk solution in your environment. In addition to the MK4000, Zebra offers a complete portfolio of award-winning wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure, management software and support services. Compatibility with Zebra’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP) substantially reduces one of the largest costs associated with any mobility solution — day-to-day management. MSP enables centralized and remote staging,provisioning and day-to-day monitoring of all your MK4000 Micro Kiosks, regardless of whether they are in one building or in multiple locations across the country — or around the world. Our WLAN portfolio offers a robust wireless connection, regardless of the size of your facilities or physical challenges in your environment — such as the presence of metal as well as fixtures and other equipment that can create RF blind spots. And when you choose one of Zebra’s Service from the Start programs, you’ll enjoy multiple years of repair coverage with protection that begins from the date of purchase.

A truly exceptional return on investment (ROI)

You can put the MK4000 to work every minute of every workday — when the device is not supporting customers or employees, it can be used to deliver advertising and other targeted promotional initiatives. As a result, this single device can help you achieve many business objectives by improving customer service, satisfaction and retention; employee productivity and proficiency; and the results of your promotional campaigns — big benefits that provide an extremely rapid ROI. In addition, you can count on the future-proof MK4000 to meet the needs of your customers and your business today and tomorrow — the ability to add multiple peripherals combines with a Micro SD slot, providing the additional memory space to support new features and functionality as needed.

Easy and cost-effective deployment

A number of features allow enterprises to quickly, easily and cost-effectively deploy the MK4000 wherever it will best serve customers, dramatically