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Honeywell EDA50-HC


The ScanPal EDA50hc combines reliability and usability with an affordable price to improve productivity.


Designed for healthcare applications such as point-of-care, specimen collection and inventory management, which require reliable access to communication and information and a device that can be cleaned to support a high level of patient safety protection in demanding environments, Honeywell’s latest ScanPal EDA50hc delivers smooth multi- task processing, intuitive user interface, and the ability to improve productivity.


Healthcare professionals are required to execute “5 rights” (right patient, right drug, right time, right dose and right route) to maximize patient safety. With that in mind, the ScanPal EDA50hc is built to withstand frequent exposure to any of our recommended cleaning solutions. Frequent cleaning can help you minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases.


Coupling an ergonomic, easy-to-use modern touch screen design with the latest advances in modern mobile technology, the ScanPal EDA50hc device optimizes productivity and ensures easy viewing of critical patient data. The ScanPal EDA50hc device is designed to withstand heavy use in the healthcare environment. Healthcare professionals can count on ample battery life for a full shift through superior battery capacity.


The ScanPal EDA50hc provides reliability and durability compared to consumer grade devices, but is an affordablepriced alternative that offers stable connection with other devices and peripherals to expand applications.