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SF61B Healthcare 2D Pocket Scanner

Small enough to stow in a pocket, the SF61B healthcare scanner travels with the worker and can be quickly accessed or securely tucked away when unencumbered use of both hands is required. Despite its small size, the SF61B offers performance typical of full-size scanners, in a unique and disinfectant-ready enclosure.



  • Compact enough to move with the clinician, but can be quickly stowed in a smock pocket
  • Bluetooth wireless pairs easily with iOS®, Android®, and Windows Mobile® devices – with a range of up to 100 m (325 ft)
  • Incredibly responsive 2D imaging technology for fast scans, even on curved or translucent surfaces
  • Disinfectant-ready housing with IP64 seal rating protects against the harmful effects of repeated chemical wipe-downs
  • Completely safe, laser-free design with LED aimer is ideal for patient-facing applications
  • Field-replaceable battery provides greater-than-full-shift battery life, even in the most scan-intensive applications

A Pocket Scanner for Healthcare

Automated data capture is fundamental to ensuring patient safety in healthcare workflows, driving an increased demand for barcode scanners that can move with the clinician. To address this challenge and make it easier to collect data at the point of care, we developed the SF61B healthcare pocket scanner. Small enough to stow in a pocket, it travels with the clinician and can be quickly accessed or securely tucked away when use of both hands is required. This makes it ideal for today’s busy healthcare environment, where complete freedom of movement is essential and the ability to scan should always be within arm’s reach.

Compatible with Leading Healthcare IT Systems

The SF61B integrates with existing healthcare information management systems and—with the simple scan of a barcode—easily pairs with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets. Its compact form factor is small enough to fit into awkward or constricted spaces, and a high performance imager makes it easy to scan all 1D and 2D codes—regardless of angle or orientation.

Ideal for Patient-Facing Applications

To ensure safe operation in patient-facing applications, the SF61B uses a laser-free design that provides high performance scanning without the risk of eye injury inherent in laser-based designs. Its powerful white illumination field can even double as a makeshift flashlight.

Powerful Wireless, Powerful Battery

As a pocket scanner, the SF61B was engineered for all-day wireless performance. An integrated Bluetooth Class 1 radio enables wireless communication at ranges up to 100 m (325 ft) from the host, and its field-replaceable battery has been tested to last up to 25,000 scans on a single charge.