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Stratos 2700

Honeywell’s Stratos 2700 bioptic scanner/scale incorporates a revolutionary hybrid platform that enables retailers to maximize customer throughput for rapid pass-through scanning of linear bar codes, plus area-imaging technology for scanning of 2D and mobile bar codes. Offering a technology platform that can easily be expanded to support future checkout scanning needs, the Stratos 2700 maximizes customer throughput, reduces checkout loss and provides investment protection.


The Stratos™ 2700 is Honeywell’s first hybrid bioptic in-counter scanner that combines omnidirectional laser scanning and integrated area-imaging to provide a bar code reading platform optimized for the checkout experience. An ideal answer for traditional checkout lanes and self-checkout systems, the hybrid platform delivers rapid pass-through scanning of linear bar codes while simultaneously helping retailers to stay current with 2D and mobile bar code trends.

Equipped with field-upgradeable hardware modules like EAS antennas and scales, the Stratos 2700 was designed with both current and future needs in mind. Additionally, Honeywell’s LCD display supplies users with a live video feed−enabling greater in-store visibility for tasks like monitoring for under the cart items. This functionality reduces the complexity, cost and risk associated with deploying visual loss prevention systems while continuing to address a pivotal problem that is commonly held by retailers.

The Stratos 2700 is also designed for easy serviceability, employing a “single tool” architecture that minimizes the time and equipment needed for repair. Troubleshooting the device is also simplified through the availability of full text diagnostic messages that are shown on the LCD display. The display can show several messages and statuses in multiple languages. Lastly, Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind™ device management software offers added value by enabling IT professionals to manage the entirety of their bioptic install base and connected devices from a central location.

Expanding beyond what is conventionally required for bioptics, the Stratos 2700’s hybrid scanning platform and peerless feature-set position retailers for improved growth and profitability.