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Site Survey

The implementation of a Real Time wireless system can change the way a business operates by providing up to the second management information that promotes better informed decision making. RF Site Survey will define the system configuration required to ensure that adequate coverage is maintained and any potential sources of interference are documented and appropriate measures are taken to provide avoidance or immunity. Comprehensive RF Site Survey is performed to identify area of RF coverage, usage/loading information, positioning and mounting of antennas and most cost-effective overall solution. All surveys fully documented with detailed reports.

Service Overview

Hard-wired data collection systems can be readily specified using pre-defined specifications of distance, number of units and data throughput requirements. RF systems are greatly affected by their operating environment. As a result, in order to assure that an RF system will operate reliably in the customers environment it is necessary to perform a Site Survey. The survey process determines how the system will function in the actual RF environment at the customer’s facility. This Site Survey Report is the result of the survey performed at the facility.

RF Coverage Testing

The RF coverage testing was done by placing an RF terminal or Access Point at (or near) a likely installation point. This was then used to simulate the RF coverage that would be provided by an Access Point installed at that location. A second RF terminal is used to communicate with the first terminal. The second terminal determines the actual RF coverage pattern or area that is being provided by the simulated Access Point. Depending upon the survey results of the first location additional tests may be performed. This process is repeated (as necessary) until all the areas, where RF network operation is desired, are covered. The results are then used to determine the total number of Access Points, types of antennas and exact locations that will be needed to cover the customer’s facility.

Cautions Regarding RF Interference

During the site survey the operation of the RF equipment is observed in order to determine if any signs of RF interference are present. The presence of interference signals can degrade the performance of the RF network. Possible sources of interference may include but are not limited to microwave ovens, cordless telephones and RFID systems.