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Are you looking for a way to organise your office in order to improve staff productivity, 
serve your customers better, and deal with suppliers more efficiently?

We’ve got the solution!

dProcess, the office automation solution that helps you Capture, Organize, Manage, Retrieve and Route any type of content providing instant access from anywhere at any time. It delivers business value for small, medium, and large organizations.

  • Capture content

    Capture quickly and easily any type of document from a wide range of sources. Letters, business documents, drawings, and other paper-based documents are imported using any type of scanner. Imported documents are moved to an “unfiled folder” for further processing. Electronic files are imported by “drag & drop” into the “unfiled folder” or by using the “Add” option. dProcess offers also the option to add a document directly to its final folder destination.

  • Organise

    A good file plan is essential for a successful document management implementation. It helps you to (a) document your organizations activities effectively, (b) identify your content consistently, (c) retrieve content quickly and (d) meet statutory and regulatory requirements. You can “file away” a document in the folder hierarchy by “drag and drop”, by launching an automated process or with the use of metadata terms. Users can also organize the content they are working on with the creation and use of “personal folders”. “Personal Folder” allow you easier and faster access to the content that you need immediate access to.

  • Manage

    dProcess helps you protect and retain business information and gain visibility into who did what and when. Access to folders and documents is controlled through a detailed authorization process consisting of roles, groups and users. Authorization determines a set of effective access rights that a user is granted for a folder or a document. These in turn determine what operations can be performed. Access rights are also the way grants and denials of access to a document or folder are expressed. This ensures that your users will only access the documents and folders they are allowed to by their level of authorization. The audit record includes the date and time that the operation took place the identity of the user as well as the initial and modified value of a property. The record can be a complete snapshot of the document’s state or in the form of selected properties.

  • Work together

    dProcess brings together content and process. It enables employees to perform their daily work more efficiently and accurately. Each user has access to a personal workspace. Tasks are conveniently found in the inbox. You can route content to users or groups. When you route a document, you can easily accompany your routing with a memo or an instruction. You can even create a “virtual case”. Create a task or use one from your Inbox. Add the desired documents from your repository or local disk to your task. Once you have gathered the information needed for the task you can start collaborating with your colleagues. You can route the task to others and let them add their own content to the task. A single collaboration task with all relevant information that you and your team need. dProcess helps you to streamline business activities by improving access to content and capturing employee knowledge.

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