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Enterprise Content Management

Content Management

ECM provides sophisticated capabilities for storing, securing, and accessing information. It categorizes this content for easy retrieval, and organizes relationships among associated information. It even publishes content on the Internet. Quite simply, ECM makes your information more useful – every piece of it.

Better Decisions

If decisions drive your business, Contact Us to learn how DataTech ECM solutions can help using content management, process management, and connectivity.


Content and processes, however, do not exist in a vacuum. The third pillar of an ECM solution is connectivity, the ability to tightly link additional enterprise information systems with relevant content, business workflows – and each other. Whether it is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or Human Resources Management (HRMS) System, the connectivity component of an ECM solution integrates content, workflows, and systems across your entire Information Technology infrastructure. Better Decisions, Faster.

Process Management

The Business Process Management (BPM) component of an ECM solution controls the execution of every aspect of every business workflow. It provides a simple graphical tool for designing and testing these workflows – before they’re attempted in real life scenarios. Especially useful for highly complex processes with large volumes of exceptions, BPM controls each transaction individually from inception to resolution, automating decisions to which business rules can be applied and electronically managing the timely completion of tasks that require human intervention. And to ensure the process continuously improves, BPM monitors and measures the current and historical performance of each individual workflow.