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Enterprise Mobility

In today’s market, there’s no shortage of mobility solution providers.

What’s hard to find is a partner who can be trusted to deliver best-in-class solutions and has the expertise and connections necessary to implement those solutions, as well as quality support long after. It’s that commitment to serve customers’ needs that sets DataTech apart.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • mSales

    Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction immediately!

  • mDepot

    It supports the control and administration of all warehouse processes. It adheres to international market standards, while supporting warehouse management operations in real time with the used of wireless (RF) technology

  • mStock

    For better stock management. Stock take, inter company transfer of goods, receipt of goods from suppliers, price verification and printing of shelf tags.

  • mCops

    A specialized application for Municipal traffic officers enabling them to record traffic violations electronically.

  • mUtilities

    An application made for registration meters of electricity, water etc

  • mCourier

    It provides all the necessary tools that allow the modern courier to perform any type of job including package delivery, item collection, cash on delivery checking and mobile cash desk in order to retrieve cash payments, voucher printing and item identification.

  • mBillBoard

    Mobile BillBoard is a new innovative system that helps outdoor advertisement companies to manage their entire outdoor billboard handling business needs effectively.

  • mTimeSheets

    A time sheet is method used in companies for recording and tracking the time spent on each activity by their employees.