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Mobile BillBoard is a new innovative system that helps outdoor advertisement companies to manage their entire outdoor billboard handling business needs effectively. Employees by using their powerful touch handheld device can view and perform all their assigned tasks in an easy and fast way.

Mobile BillBoard is a fully mobile system. The employees’ supervisor can assign tasks and send them while the workers are on the move away from the company’s headquarters. Workers can use their GPRS powered handheld device to send the results of their work back to office without any delay so that the customer can be immediately informed about the new billboard advertisement placed.

The workers now can report their work result in a new innovative way. The system supports color imaging through its high tech build in camera. The images are sent back to the office for the supervisor’s and customer’s information. Moreover the easy to use back office application can be used by the supervisor himself to manage the workers, assign tasks, view task progress and print informative reports.