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What can be a mountain of paperwork can now be completed through a quick and efficient process. Now traffic officers are writing tickets using mobile rugged handheld computers, portable printers and mobile software.

This new process saves time, reduces paperwork and, most importantly, increases accuracy and efficiency.

Handheld computers are an essential tool for law enforcement, automating manual data collection and form filling processes during traffic violations.


mCops is a specialized application for Municipal traffic officers enabling them to record traffic violations electronically. All necessary information is displayed immediately on your handheld screen reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

  • Car Brands, colours and type

  • Street addresses

  • Violation types

  • Fixed fine values

All these details are now available at their fingertips enabling officers to ‘point and select’ without having to type long street addresses and lengthy violation types. Violation ticket is printed in the field using high speed mobile printers.