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In today’s dynamic market, it is critical that mobile workers have access to the data necessary to make informed decisions. Almost every organization has mobile workers: executives, sales force, support staff and personnel operating outside a wired office. Mobile access to information is the key to being productive and staying competitive.

The need to keep in touch with the office, and the office’s need to keep track of deliveries, returns, job engineer schedules, assets etc, is becoming more and more critical in today’s business environment. DataTech has considerable expertise in putting together mobile computing solutions for a wide range of applications. Our business alliances mean that we can offer the best devices in terms of cost, proven functionality, performance and robustness to suit your individual needs.

DataTech helps customers understand the realities of mobile technologies and map critical organizational operations to mobile applications and devices. DataTech’s high level of expertise and experience in the mobile solutions space comes from actively updating its knowledge of the mobility landscape. As a leader in the industry, DataTech helps customers define a clear strategy, using the right tools, methodology and best practices for deploying mobile applications.

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction immediately!

Speed up and improve customer service with m-Sales. Time is a very significant factor for success in today’s highly competitive route distribution environment. The ability to respond faster to customer needs can differentiate your company from all others.

Our m-Sales solution gives your company the ability to attain that competitive advantage. It speeds delivery, productivity, inventory tracking, accuracy and cash reconciliation. The software has been created to streamline the applications that are most important to your business.