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A time sheet is method used in companies for recording and tracking the time spent on each activity by their employees. It assists not only in determining the payroll but also into calculating the cost of each job. Time sheets are essential in evaluating the corporate job cycles and measuring the productivity of the employees themselves.

The new mTimesheet system assists into creating a mobile framework that enables remotely accurate completing timesheets for any number of employees. Authorized time keepers can now through their portable handheld devices complete very fast many timesheets and help tracking the jobs progress.

mTimeSheet advantages:

  • Enables fast massive creation of time sheets and therefore can be easily used in cases where many workers perform the same tasks (e.g. construction). In case of repetition timesheets can be easily copied from one day to another.

  • Completely portable solution, works offline.

  • Timesheets can be also validated by the manager using the mTimeSheet back office approval system.

  • Supports image capturing in order to show job progress

  • Spot checks used to measure employees/ job productivity level

  • GPS map navigation assistance and tracking of the time keeper

  • Remote data synchronization through the cellular network

  • Report printing from the back office system

  • Supports up to a week timesheet completion

  • Overtime hours supported.

  • Specially enhanced for the construction business with additional activity tracking of the equipment used for each job.

  • Multi user/ language features