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The applications for the Portable Meter Recorders (PMR) is Windows based. Is user friendly with an intuitive interface which minimizes keystrokes and offers maximum productivity. Main features include:

  • Easy navigation between the records.

  • Readings validation against low and high values and a warning beep and message will alert the user accordingly.

  • Warning  to the user about special conditions applying to each meter.

  • Ability to enter freeform text in the form of note for each record, or select notes from a drop down list of selections.

  • The user is  able to bookmark a record, choose a different starting record (using search functions built into the system or certain fields) within his route. This is extremely helpful   in situations where there are bystreets perpendicular to the mail street and reading must be taken form them as well) and then return to the record following the bookmarked record on the main street.

  • The user can connect with WiFi (802.11g) to the network infrastructure of the Water Boards via access points, or communicate with GPRS over WAN and upload selected records.